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I'm getting annoyed with DeviantArt. The community is great, as ever, but I feel like the site itself has been going down hill the last couple years. That's why I've haven't been adding new photos very often.

All the ads, even f**king pop-ups and blinking/animated ads. I never thought DA would stoop so low! Slow load times (because of the ads, no doubt), constantly CONSTANTLY being pestered to pay for an account, the slow upload process, and not being able to search even my own photos easily. Meh. I don't need this. Not for a hobby.

I'm not leaving or anything, but my upload pace is not going to improve. I just want to let y'all know. I'm still taking stock photos all the time, but I won't be putting very many of them up here at DA. on the other hand... is my new BFF. You want *all* my latest stock photos, you should visit my Flickr account. No ads, easy upload for multiple images, easy batch organize, tags and searchs. Frankly, it's just set up for stock photos much better than DevArt. And the pages load faster.

Sorry, DA. I hope we can still be friends.

Thanks for all the comments and support, everyone!


---Terms of Use---
Hello there! I like sharing, don't you?

All the photos on this account, submitted under the 'resource' category, are for anyone to use, for any project, commercial or otherwise, inside or outside of deviantArt. Most are under a Creative Commons license; all I ask is that you credit me, Suzanne Phillips, if you display them. (Unless it's just as reference for a drawing, in which case no credit is needed).

A link to the finished product would be really cool. If you're not a member of deviantArt, my email is located below this journal.

I have this account because I take photos all the time for my own use: stock, art, and  snapshots. I decided to share the ones I thought might be useful.

You have to click "Download Image" to see the high resolution image.

Thanks, and enjoy!


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I used your stock here :…

Thank you !
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You have such an amazing gallery:D
Definitely needs more attention :x
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Used your stock here! :heart:…

Thank you for providing it :love:
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I used you stock:

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Hi. Used your stock here:
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